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I have gotten back to this page after years of neglect. This time I am trying to make it a a little more fun and a little more future proof.
For those many of those who know me it may appear that I have been a bit out of it for a while. I am not sure whether it would be more accurate to say that or that I have been more into it.
That mysterious human life stuff that they talk about in
看the inscrutably dippy marketing Japlish of the Local TV commercials perhaps finally caught up with me forced me to look up out and around and sometimes away from my guitars and recording software. Of course my artist life goes on as it must, but it turns out that human life is just too big to be ignored. Marriage, divorce, death, and most amazing of all my beautiful new son Bowie, they all are pretty big it turns out.
I never knew I wanted to be called Papa but it turns out that one little word is more food than my soul has ever known.
Still, this year I have had the pleasure of participating in a few movie projects, sometimes as an actor, sometimes as a musician, sometimes as both.
In the acting capacity look for me playing really awful men in two movie releases next year Robo Rock and Speed Masters. In the music capacity I am kind of excited about the solo acoustic track Atarashii Seikatsu Ni Mukate composed by Nagashima Hiroyuki that I played for the film Arigato that is opening in 200 theaters in Japan this month (November 2006).
On the live side some interesting stuff happened this year with eEyo and the Eric Jacobsen band. Meanwhile, Mighty John Henry as a live act is sleeping but not dead. Mighty John Is my musical heart and soul, so as long as I am not dead it wont be either.
Look for some surprises in 2007, when I have the feeling I am going to see some 30 year old dreams of mine coming true as well as some activity on the Mighty John Henry front.
Dennis Gunn